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In Ghana, generally, the Ministries and Departments are not covered by an Act of Parliament. They are established by an Instrument of the Executive Arm of Government. The Ministry of Roads and Highways, Department of Feeder Roads and the Department of Urban Roads are therefore not covered by an Act of Parliament.

The Ministry of Roads and Highways currently has five departments/agencies under it, namely:

  • Ghana Highways Authority (GHA)

  • Department of Feeder Roads (DFR)

  • Department of Urban Roads (DUR)

  • Ghana Road Fund (GRF)

  • Koforidua Training Centre (KTC) 

Ghana Highway Authority

The Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) was established in December 1974 by NRC Decree 298. This was amended in December 1997, by Act 540, to reflect changes which had occurred in the Road Transport Sector.

GHA is charged with the responsibility for the Administration, Planning, Development and Maintenance of trunk roads and the related facilities in the Country.


To provide a safe and reliable trunk road network at optimal cost by using modern technology in road construction to facilitate socio – economic development in the country.

Department of Feeder Roads

The Department of Feeder Roads was established in July 1981 by the Executive Arm of Government, for the Administration, Planning, Development and Maintenance of feeder (rural) road networks. It has a Head Office in Accra and Regional and District offices across the length and breadth of Ghana.


To ensure the provision of safe, all weather accessible feeder roads at optimum cost, to facilitate the movement of people, goods and services and to promote socio-economic development of rural communities.


To ensure that 80% of rural communities in Ghana can access a feeder road within 2km radius at optimum cost under a decentralized system by 2020.

With the setting up of the Local Government Service, some of DFR operations in the Districts and Regions will to be transferred to the District Assemblies and Regional Coordinating Councils.  DFR’s implementation functions will then be limited to roads and programmes of strategic national importance.

Department of Urban Roads

The Department of Urban Roads (DUR) was established in January, 1988 by the Executive Arm of Government, for the Administration, Planning, Development and Maintenance of the urban road networks.

It established Road Units in Metropolis and selected Municipalities. DUR offices are to be extended to other District Assemblies as and when they are upgraded to Municipalities. Currently, staff of the Road Units are made up of employees from Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Roads and Highways. 


The Department of Urban Roads (DUR) will assist in building capacity in the MMDAs to provide quality urban road transport systems for the safe mobility of goods and people.


The Department of Urban Roads (DUR) is dedicated to the creation of decentralised Road Units in the Metropolitan/Municipal/District assemblies (MMDAs) for the provision and management of the urban road network in support of quality transport systems.

With the setting up the Local Government Service, DUR Head Office is to be a division under the Ministry of Roads and Highways while DUR Units in the municipalities are to be fully integrated into the District Assembly system. 

Ghana Road Fund Secretariat

The Ghana Road Fund was established in 1985 under an Administrative order with the aim of providing a secure source of funding for road maintenance in Ghana.

Until July 1997, it was jointly managed by the Ministers of Finance, Roads & Highways and the Controller & Accountant General’s Department.

In 1997, the Government restructured the Road Fund. Under this restructured plan, a comprehensive legal framework - Road Fund Act, ACT 536 of 1997 was promulgated to regulate the management of the Fund.


The mission of the Ghana Road Fund is to provide funding for the maintenance of Ghana's road network.”


The vision of the Ghana Road Fund is to provide adequate and sustainable financial resources to ensure the regular maintenance of Ghana’s road network through efficient and effective management of the fund. 

Koforidua Training Centre

This is a human resource capacity development training centre under the Ministry of Roads and Highways.


To become a Centre of Excellence for the training of road construction and management personnel and professionals in the road construction and road transport management.


To develop and deliver practical courses in labour-based technologies, modern road and highway construction technologies and related programmes to equip personnel with selected skills and competencies required to meet the local and international need.


KTC is a centre for the training of professionals (artisans, engineers, contractors, consultants, administrative staff, etc.) in the road transport sector.

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