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Koforidua Training Centre (KTC)


The Centre falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Roads and Highways.  Its core mandate is to deliver practical hands-on skills and professional training for all levels of management and projects implementation personnel of Ministry of Roads and Highways and its stakeholders.


To become a world class Centre of Excellence for the Competency Based Training of roads and highways construction and management personnel and professionals in road construction technologies and road transport management.


To develop and deliver practical courses in Labour-based technology, roads and highways construction technology and related programmes to equip personnel with selected skills and competencies required to meet the local and international need.


  • To establish a modern cost effective Centre of Excellence for the continues training and up-grade of road construction professionals and personnel of the Ministry of Roads and Highways
  • To enhance the understanding and practice of quality road construction practice in Ghana and the sub-region, through partnerships with the private sector.
  • To provide CBT training in labour-based technologies to reduce poverty and create employment among the rural poor and unemployed, as envisaged by the national poverty and employment generation programmes.
  • To create an efficient and sustainable management and support arrangement for KTC
  • Provide strong and efficient back-up service support staff for MRH/KTC


  • Research and Application of Appropriate Technologies

          KTC will seek the generation and application of knowledge to ensure

          that, the Centre’s products are equipped with hands-on practical competences.

  • Collaboration and Partnership 
  • KTC will promote collaboration and partnership with all the agencies of MRH and other MDA’s to maximize resource use and impact of training programmes.
  • Coordinate and integrate all MRH staff training programmes to cut costs.
  • Promote collaboration and partnership with other Ministries in labour-based technologies
  • Promote collaboration with international bodies particularly the ILO, DANIDA etc.
  • Promote collaboration and partnership with Research Institutions.


Training  Programme Categorization

KTC presently run a number of programmes for various categories of persons in the road construction industry namely;

  • Consultants
  • Engineers / Technicians
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Contractors / Contractors Supervisors
  • Artisans
  • Other Management Staff


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