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Josephine Manu
(Head of the Legal Unit)


The Legal Unit is responsible to the Ministry and its agencies for the provision of legal services including the following:

  • Providing general legal advice on policy planning and operational issues as required.

  • Reviewing Terms of Reference for Consultancy Agreements, tender/contract documents for goods, works and services submitted by the road agencies and other related organizations to the Ministry to ensure that these documents are in good order prior to signature.

  • Participating in procurement processes and contract administration especially on matters relating to claims settlement of claims and disputes arising out of contract agreements.

  • Generally providing overall co-ordination with relevant bodies, agencies and organizations whose activities impinge on the road sector and follow up actions to be taken on all legal matters affecting the Ministry and its agencies.

  • Examining, writing legal opinion on and responding to personal injury and property damage claims brought against the Ministry and its agencies.

  • Ensuring that investigations are carried out into reported cases of offences committed within the Ministry and its Agencies.

  • Examining and ensuring that securities for road projects and other legal documents such as Power of Attorney, Joint Venture Agreements are in acceptable forms before contracts are executed.

  • Liaising with the Attorney-General’s Department and follow up on actions to be taken in respect of issues referred to the Department e.g. legal opinions which are conditions precedent to effectiveness of Credit Agreements and other facilities.

  • Liaising with the Attorney-General’s Department for the preparation and revision of road transport Legislation in consultation with relevant stakeholder institutions.

  • Preparation and submission of Cabinet and Parliamentary Memoranda on all issues for which Cabinet and Parliament approval must be sought e.g. Loans, Grants, other credit facilities, tax exemptions, proposals for the amendment of legislation relating to the road transport sector, policy proposals on road transport related issues and other related matters.

  • Responsibility for other jobs that may be assigned from time to time. 

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