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Research, Statistics and Information Management (RSIM)


The Research, Statistics and Information Management (RSIM) Directorate is one of the four main directorates in the Civil Service Setup. The RSIM Directorate of the Ministry was created in 2002. Currently the Directorate has a staff strength of Nine (9).  The RSIM Directorate undertakes the following tasks among others:

  • Compilation, collation, analysis and dissemination of statistical information of the Ministry of Roads and Highways and its agencies.

  • Co-ordination of technical and research programs relevant to the road transport sector.

  • Development of a comprehensive ICT system for Ministry of Roads and Highways and its agencies. RSIM Directorate works closely with transport sector agencies and organizations on various statistical and research programmes.

The Directorate also collaborates and participates in other closely related functions with all agencies in the transportation sector in Ghana and external stakeholders such as the Sub Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) and the African Union.

The basic functions of the Directorate include:

  • The promotion of the use of ICT for a quicker transformation of the operations and business of the Ministry.

  • The management of information, conduct of research and training of staff in information technology to enhance their efficiency in the provision of services.

  • The use of research findings and information technology to improve the formulation of policy in the sector.

  • Provide support and assistance to institutions undertaking research into areas that are beneficial to the Ministry.

  • The maintenance of an efficient IT infrastructure to enhance efficient service delivery to both the public and private sectors of the economy.



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