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  • Implementing procurement procedures and guidelines for the employment of contractors, Consultants and Suppliers in accordance with national and international guideline.
  • Providing input into and collaborating with related agencies and the Ministry in the formulation and review of national procurement policies for works, goods and services.

  • Preparing, coordinate and monitor the annual procurement plan for all services, goods and works programmes of the Ministry and collate it for the agencies.

  • Developing standards, rates and cost indicators for all programmes of the Ministry and its Agencies.

  • Facilitating the work of Road Contractor Classification Committee and their monthly meetings.

  • Updating the Ministry’s and its agencies about the various procedures and bid evaluation formats currently in use.

  • Establishing and reviewing thresholds for procurement of services, goods and works of the agencies under the Ministry.

  • Reviewing standard procurement documents and agreements for consultants, contractors and suppliers.

  • Reviewing evaluation reports on engagement of consultants, contractors and suppliers for the Ministry and its Agencies

  • Facilitating annual procurement audits of all processes and procedures of the Ministry and its Agencies.

  • Preparing and submit annual programme of activities both recurrent and investment relating to the directorate of the ensuing year not later than the end of the Third (3rd) Quarter of the year.

  • Facilitating Public Private Partnership programmes.

  • Organizing Ministry of Roads and Highways (MRH) Entity Tender Committee (ETC), Ministerial Tender Review Board (MTRB) meetings.

  • Managing a data base of road contractor classification.

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